How to write a good essay:

10 suggestions from an expert

Today, students, I am going to tell you how to write a really good paper in 10 easy steps. Writing essays are not hard if you are willing to take the time it takes to write, edit, and revise stringently any piece of writing.

  1. Calm Yourself—nine tenths of all writer’s block is by cause anxieties born out of over-caffeinating or over-stressing about the paper. Tell yourself calming things like “okay, even if it is not that great this is only my first try—plus, no one ever has to see my first efforts—only my last, best efforts.”
  2. Pick a topic that you already know something about. If this is a research paper, especially, the document is going to be filled with the words and ideas of others. If you pick a topic you already know a lot about, the writing that you do to link your quotes and paraphrases will come with ease—very naturally. You won’t have to reword the words of others because you will be using your own ideas and words, right?
  3. Make sure to do this when you print out essays/excerpts from books or dissertation abstracts. Every single time you print out any type of research document, you must must must remember to print out a copy of the citation and append this to the front of your document with a staple—not a paper clip (paper clips will come lose and you will get your papers mixed up, not knowing which citation goes to which).
  4. Write your works cited pages first. When you get home and you know which articles you are definitely going to use, go ahead and work on your works cited first. Get that out of the way – because once you start scanning all of those documents for quotes, you will either forget or lose the front sheet. If you don’t use some citations, you can always delete them later.
  5. Write expeditiously – revise later. On the first draft, after you have briefly looked at your research, then do a free write—write down what the essay would look like if it just had your thoughts on it and no one else.
  6. Make sure to lure your reader in with a great first paragraph. You want to find something interesting to say, especially at the opening of any paper, because you want your reader to keep reading and not become bored in the first two sentences, right?
  7. Here’s a great trick for getting into the essay. One great way to get your paper launched is to try saying something that happened very recently with your topic on the news. For example, “Scientists recently warned us that unless we all begin taking action to curb pollution and global warming that the ice caps are going to continue to disintegrate and beautiful animals like polar bears become extinct'. Another trick is to enter query 'write my essays' and get thousands of ideas.
  8. In your closing. Like in your introduction, say something newsworthy that happened like this week.

stay within the confines of the structure.

Make sure you have all of the following—an opening paragraph that grabs the reader, a thesis statement at the end of the introduction, body paragraphs that provide evidence for your thesis, and a fantastic closing paragraph.

Conduct Research Like a Pro.

The best ways to research any project are to, after you find your essay topic, to go to the library and try to find quality articles from journals, newspapers, and more respected magazines, that say something about your topic that is important.

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