A List Of Original Critical Analysis Essay Writing Ideas On A Beautiful Mind

A critical analysis essay requires the student to review a certain piece of artwork, movie, book, painting, or a composition. The students need to evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of the work in their paper. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should be clearly objective in your approach while reviewing a work for your essay.

Topics to consider for an essay on a Beautiful Mind

  1. How does Nash find the answer to the game theory sitting in a bar with his friends
  2. Is Nash liable or answerable for leaving his son unattended in the bath when he experiences a hallucination
  3. How can you as a viewer tell if the visual you are seeing is from John’s perception or a part of the real life
  4. How relatable is the film to people with mental illness and does it motivated them in any way
  5. What important aspects from the life of John Forbes Nash are missing in the movie A beautiful mind
  6. How does the movie justify the character of Parcher when previously we did not hear or see anything from him
  7. How is it that the movie only talks about schizophrenia at a later age in Nash’s life and does not bear any primary evidence?
  8. The biography of John Nash is an extensive work and smartly covered in the movie
  9. What lesson does the movie teach us about passion, dedication, love and acceptance
  10. Why is it tough for John’s colleagues, friends, family and wife to accept that he needs an evaluation for a mental sickness
  11. Discuss the concept of infinity and fractals in the movie A beautiful mind
  12. Does the movie clearly explain the Nash equilibrium and its application to economic concepts

These are some interesting topics you can consider writing about a beautiful mind. However, it is strongly recommended that you do not use any of them as is in your paper and rephrase, edit or alter them to suit your preferences and keep it original. Different students will access this site at different times so the topics listed here will no longer be original.

You can show the title of your paper to your teacher before you proceed to write your paper and make sure you are moving in the right direction.

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