A List Of 14 Debatable Essay Topics For College Students

This short article lists fourteen debatable essay topics for college students. They may be used as suggestions or ideas whenever a student is given the opportunity to write independently and create their own writing at any stage in their semester studies and regardless of what year they are in or what subject they are majoring in.

Why are these topics contentious or debatable?

Therefore, the list below is random and generalized, allowing students to select subjects of particular interest to them. Some of the suggestions are based on previous academic work and peer reviews (available online), news journals and best-seller non-fiction accounts. The balance of the subjects are fresh ideas which could be potentially contentious, depending on the approach taken by the student. Before perusing the list, make a note from here on why these broad paper suggestions may be contentious and debatable. At the time of writing, many of the subjects are either still under review or being re-reviewed or counter-reviewed, mainly because popular academic and scientific arguments state that there is not enough evidence or data.

Use your own initiative

Refreshingly, in literary language terms, there are no right or wrong answers, so students have free creative and/or academic license to create or put forward an advanced new argument, proposal, or case study. Here are the first six suggestions.

  • Who started World War 1?
  • After WW2, is fascism still alive and well?
  • Is the New World Order good or bad for us?
  • Could nuclear war ever be averted?
  • The history of plagiarism
  • Is the English language dying?

Opportunities to open up new arguments

The last batch of assignment topic ideas relate to more recent events in the world which may require fresh debate or posit the opportunity to present an original, unstated argument.

  • Is climate change real?
  • Has global warming been caused by man?
  • Is there an Antichrist?
  • When will WW3 begin?
  • Will Africa ever rise?
  • Donald Trump, good or bad?
  • Who is the next US President; Bush or Clinton?
  • How to improve the standard of US education

This guide has presented college students with a great opportunity to produce an original, independent, and thought-provoking academic paper on any debatable subject matter of interest to them. This random list was deliberately designed in a way that will encourage originality, as well as opening the way for students to expand on these topics.

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