Top 20 Controversial Essay Topics Related to Government

More often than not writing about topics related to the government naturally comes with its share of controversy. This is the reason why there is often much debate to be had in courses dealing with this subject. Here are 20 top controversial essay topics worth considering for your paper:

  1. Do you think the democratic decision making should be extended to other parts of society, including the workplace and schools, not just for government issues or positions?
  2. Compare and contrast the representative democracy versus direct democracy. Provide a case for why one serves citizens more effectively than the other.
  3. Critically analyze the US Constitution and pick any one thing – including the amendments – you believe should be changed. Provide reasons for your choice.
  4. Compare and contrast various mandates and conditions of federal government aid to states on a number of programs. Are funds being efficiently spent or is there a noticeable amount of waste?
  5. Concerning the “Great Compromise,” compare and contrast the New Jersey and Virginia pans in terms of how they led to the agreement.
  6. If the public knows that a third party candidate has a great disadvantage and is unlikely to win an election, why would anyone waste their vote other than to make a point and show support?
  7. Compare and contrast the Democratic and Republic parties in their platform and political beliefs in the last decade. Are they really all that different or are perceived differences just a matter of perspective?
  8. Critically analyze the major sources of money that is donated to the major political campaigns. Can you explain and provide reasons why each of these would consider donating to specific campaigns?
  9. What are the biggest drawbacks of relying too much on polling during with presidential elections and voting in general? Do you think polls should be banned to prevent misleading information from influencing public action?
  10. What was meant by Thomas Jefferson when he made the now well-known statement about the tree of liberty needing to be refreshed from time to time? Do you think its meaning is still relevant today?
  11. Do you think individual states should have more or less power in comparison to the federal government when they implement specific laws, including issues like abortion, marijuana legalization and gay marriage?
  12. Do you think that large and small corporations should be considered as individuals in terms of being allowed to contribute to campaigns?
  13. Should there be term limits put into place for members of the U.S. Congress. Please provide a clear explanation behind your opinion.
  14. How would you go about changing the way the voting procedure works so that you can attract more people to participate in electing public officials across local, state, and national elections?
  15. Compare and contrast recent campaigns of the House of Representatives and the Senate candidates.
  16. Why do you think the media is often considered to be the fourth branch of the U.S. Government? Is this s a fair assessment or is this view overly-critical of the media’s role in politics?
  17. Do you believe that members of Congress should strictly follow the will of the people they represent or should they vote following their own conscience?
  18. How have major interest groups grown stronger while the Democratic and Republican parties have grown weaker in the last two decades?
  19. What are the main reasons why the Equal Rights Amendment failed? Do you think it will continue to fail as long as it is written in exactly the same way as it has been presented in the past?
  20. Do you think the U.S. Government has too much, too little, or just the right amount of power?

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