Academic Writing Tips: Key Features Of A Profile Essay

A profile essay will require you to examine a particular topic in some way. The topic might often be a person; however, a profile essay can also be written about a number of other various subjects, such as places, groups or even events.

In order to create a high quality piece of work, you will need to ensure that you gather as much information about the topic that you are discussing as possible. For example, if you are discussing a particular person, then it can be a good idea to try and find out as much about the life of the person that you are discussing.

For example, if the person is someone that you know, you may wish to carry out various interviews with them in order to find out more about them. Alternatively, it might be that you are discussing a famous person or historical figure that you will not necessarily be able to communicate with personally and, therefore, you will not be able to interview them. In this case, you may wish to look at any interviews other people have done, as well as any biographical content relating to that person’s life.

If you are discussing a place or any other topic that isn’t a person, then you may also wish to look for any relevant information about that topic using online sources as well as any other books or other off-line resources that can help you.

Introducing the topic

The first part of your paper should introduce the topic that you will be discussing. For example, if it is a person that you are discussing, then as well as giving their name, you may wish to write a brief background related to their life, and why you have chosen to discuss them; for example, if they are a famous historical leader, then you may wish to give some brief details about which country they led, which political party they represented, and any important events that occurred during their time in power.

The main section

After the introduction you will need to include a body section, which will include the main details that you wish to include in your paper. You may wish to elaborate on any points referred to in the introduction, as well as bring up any other important details the help to discuss and explain more about the topic that you are writing about.

Concluding the work

The final section will be your conclusion, which will simply refer to what you have already written about, so as to tie the work together nicely.

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