Simple Advice On How To Find A Good Persuasive Essay Example

Different types of essays are written all over the internet. The trick is finding an example that is worth reading and following as a guide. Here is some simple advice on how to find a good persuasive essay example:

  • Talk to your professor – This is the obvious place to find examples you are looking for. Your professor won’t steer you wrong and you can be confident that what he shows you is a quality sample.
  • Ask your librarian – She will be able to guide you to resources that would have good articles that you can learn from
  • Talk to past students – If you find some students that have taken the course, they may have examples that they used for their assignments and they may even be graded so you will get the feedback from the professor as to what was done. Read the professor’s comments intently and learn from other’s mistakes.
  • Look at examples from other college resources – These are excellent places because they are put there by other academic students or professors. If you read enough of these articles you will find patterns that make them successful
  • Seek the advice from online academic helpers – There are many sites that will charge you for the advice you can get in many places for free. You can get one-on-one attention from some of these people and get the information you need from them.

The best thing to do is read as many good essays as possible until you get the feel for the formatting and what is important about the essay. There are some clear cut things you need to include in order to have a good persuasive essay:

  • A strong topic statement. If you have a clear cut topic sentence you will set the stage that you believe what you are saying.
  • Use solid facts to back your statement. You have given your stance on a topic. Now you need to make sure you have multiple facts to validate your stance.
  • Convince your audience that your stance is good for them. Tell them why it will help them to agree with you.

If you look for these things in the examples you read, you will see why the examples you are reading are good ones. Pay attention to how the writers put the ideas together and learn from what others do.

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