6 Characteristics Of A Winning Website Evaluation Essay

When it comes to a winning website evaluation essay there are 3 pivotal parts that need to be considered and these comprise of your overall opinion or judgment, the reasons or criteria why you have made your conclusion and the final one is the evidence to back up your opinion.

Aside from all these, there are other essential characteristics of a winning website evaluation essay that you should contemplate on:

  1. The readability of the site. The site should be readable and understandable for users. This is because this provides an immediate impact to make the user decide if he or she will leave or stay.
  2. The site must come with an outstanding content. In the first place, this is the purpose of building it. In addition, the content must make sense to the users. In other words, the information must be relevant to what you sell on the site. The content plays very pivotal role as it drives the marketing of the product. This simply conveys that the more significant content a site has makes it more attractive and valuable to users.
  3. Personalization. Establishing personalization to the site shall create and expand its audience. It should be specific in terms of talking to its audience like students, designers, women and men. What is more, this should provide them a personal service. The traits that contribute to stimulate this characteristic are to create the site through background colors, layout and content via reliable content.
  4. Interactivity. Needless to say, a good interaction urges the users or visitors to return to the site. To make users and visitors return, make them laugh, teach them and show them something new.
  5. Responsiveness. It is important for the site to be responsive about its data. You can earn the trust of visitors or users if you are responsive. Once users feel comfortable dealing with the site, they will surely use it repeatedly.
  6. Contrast. The site must have an outstanding contrast for background color against text color. At times, contrast is out of balance so between text and pictures is a balance between text and pictures in layout. Essentially, the traits that contribute to stimulate this characteristic are design website through readability and suitable color.

Bear in mind that your assessment aids the reader understand exactly what you’re reviewing and get on the same page. Additionally, this significantly aids in organizing the purpose of whatever it is you are assessing and substantiate your criteria.

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