Effective Tips For Composing An Essay About Personal Happiness

Happiness is a relative term thus making the essay about personal happiness a bit hard to write on. We may be able to express happiness through actions and emotions and also words but how do we do it on paper? Most people wonder where they are supposed to start since the reader will not have the privilege of reading their facial expressions or their body language. It is thus hard not only to write the piece but also to come up with a topic that will capture the attention of the reader and best express your happiness.

Some of the tips that one would need in writing such a composition would include;

  • Use an experience that not everyone goes through
  • You may need to give experiences that contribute to your personal happiness. The experiences should be unique and not things such as weddings and birthdays which are clichéd events in the modern society.

  • Use vivid memories from your past that are exciting
  • Personal happiness is a personal thing and getting the reader to understand this would require giving them a clear picture of what influences your happiness and where you are coming from. Exciting memories from your past could influence the direction of your story.

  • Sensitive subject
  • Whilst sensitive subjects such as poverty and illness may be important. It is always important in your writing, to make sure you explain your point of view and how they may have contributed to personal happiness. This is so because some statements may be misconstrued by the reader and also may be taken out of context if not well explained. For the reader to understand the personal happiness, the writer needs to explain any sensitive details that are prone to misunderstanding by the reader as it is a personal view.

  • Other characters representation
  • An essay on personal happiness may involve other characters involved in a person’s life. It is always best to change the characters names. This is especially necessary if the reader is aware of the said characters and knows them.

As personal happiness can be termed to be relative to a particular individual, the essay should be focused on getting the reader to understand the writer’s point of view and how the experiences shared affect their personal happiness. Common experiences make the piece less personal and it becomes a story on happiness which may not be interesting to the reader.

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