Writing A Critical Analysis Essay About Doctor Faustus: 6 Fresh Suggestions

One of the most controversial stories of all time is that of Doctor Faustus in Christopher Marlowe’s 1604, legendary tale of Faust. When writing a critical analysis essay on a piece of literary work that people hold such extreme opinions on, it is important to take steps to support the writer’s argument. To follow are 6 fresh suggestions that will help you in stating and supporting your argument.

The purpose of a critical analysis essay is to state the opinion of the writer and support the argument by critically analyzing each component of the information presented. What can be tricky with a controversial work is presenting a convincing argument. Steps to ensure that the argument made is well supported can be done by discussing each of the following within it.

  1. Use the main message as the basis of your argument. In Doctor Faustus, the main message is the selling of one’s soul for power. It is difficult to argue against what many would agree upon. From an argument based on the main theme, we can then explore more subjective meanings derived from the piece.

  2. Choose at least 3 areas of the work that deeper meanings can be derived from. This can be achieved by exploring symbolism, the use of metaphors, or the tone and style of the story.

  3. Address any opposing views as a part of your argument. When exploring deeper meaning, address how some might have a different perspective and provide argument that would sway the reader away from that thinking.

  4. View what you are writing as a skeptic of your own work. Critical analysis of your own critical analysis, by stepping back and realizing that someone might not agree with what you are arguing, will help you to build a stronger argument.

  5. Have fun with your analysis by thinking of a new twist on a deeper meaning that has not been argued before. Ask yourself, what if Marlowe meant this or that as you discuss the symbolic meaning behind good and bad angels.

  6. Neatly wrap it up with a solid conclusion that reiterates the support to your argument. Every essay should contain a solid introduction, body, and conclusion. In your introduction you will present your argument and the three main points that you will make. It is in your conclusion that you will drive home your argument, summarizing in a fresh new way how your points support your argument.

If you see producing a critical analysis assignment on a controversial piece of literature of the proportion of Doctor Faustus as an opportunity to bring fresh new ideas to well-worn arguments, you can have fun with exploring new thinking. Who knows, your argument could end up being the one argued about for centuries to come!

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