A Guide To Effective Essay Writing – 10 Things To Take Into Account

Writing A Good Essay Is No Easy Job:

Whether you are given it as a part of class exercise or for your scholarship purpose- writing an article needs preparation and planning. There are many tips to help the students in this purpose but it’s hard to find them in a concise manner. The following list may help in that.

10 Things to Take Into Account While Writing Essay Effectively

  1. 1. Pick your Topic Carefully
  2. Sometimes, a topic shall be given to the students. On the other occasions, you may need to find it out on your own. If you are given only the genre of the essay (persuasive, synthesis etc.), then you need to consider two things- whether you want to give a general overview or you want to make your article more educative.

  3. 2. Read a Lot
  4. If you have only some vague idea about the topic, then it’s the time to hit the library and study about it through all the possible materials there.

  5. 3. Go through the Academic Journals
  6. There is no harm in looking for sample articles in scholarly journals/ books in your library.

  7. 4. Research about the Outline
  8. Depending upon the subject of your writing and the requirements of your guide- you need to do a thorough study on the outline. Before looking for the conventional outlines, you can also first draw the main title on the middle of the page and then write down your main ideas and sub-ideas under it.

  9. 5. Select Your Facts Intelligently
  10. You are bound to end with more-than-necessary examples and facts in support of your topic. Choose wisely.

  11. 6. First Write the Thesis Statement
  12. In the preparation stage- you need to write it down first. Just keep it in mind that this statement will convey two things- the topic of your article and what you are going to prove with it.

  13. 7. Learn the Tricks to Write Body Part
  14. The body part will be divided into multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph must begin with an opening line, then supporting ideas and lastly, examples validating the main idea.

  15. 8. Make both Introduction and Conclusion Smashing
  16. While your introduction should be catchy enough to hook the reader from the very beginning, the conclusion must summarize the general points of your article in different words.

  17. 9. Revise Diligently
  18. Revise multiple times to check up the accuracy of structure and grammatical errors- once you are done with writing.

  19. 10. Mind Your Language
  20. An active voice, lucid language, short sentences will go a long way to create a deep mark on the reviewer of your article. Bear it in mind.

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