Descriptive Essay Writing Tips: How To Make Your Paper Stand Out

It is imperative that as you describe your essay, you keep it interesting and narrate it in the story format offering a deep insight to your audience. Your description should be vivid whether it relates with the sketch of an object, a human or is related with any event, the audience should find it touching all the time.

Follow these tips and write an effective piece of descriptive essay-

  1. Pick a story or incidence that has touched you deeply. It will make the process of narration easy.
  2. Long introductions and extended narration makes the content monotonous. They should be avoided at all cost especially in the beginning.
  3. Ensure that it teaches you some lesson at the end.
  4. Your story should be in your own words and should not be like a textbook writing. Use all your senses for description.
  5. Vivid descriptive words play a vital role in making your content attention grabbing.
  6. Do not just tell something to the readers but express it in terms of smell, feelings and sounds.
  7. When you pen down your words, the audience should visualize everything. Offer concrete details to make the story imaginative in real way understanding the readers.

For example instead of saying it was a nice day, you should write that the sun was brightly shining and the slight touch of the breeze made me ecstatic.

Descriptive essays focus more on sensory observation instead of meaning of the subject. In short to say, forming an emotional connection makes the essay more significant.

Follow these five steps to make your essay sounds like a professional one-

  1. Prewriting: Take your own time and think and plan your subject well as in what you’re and what you are going to describe. Brainstorm all the details reflecting in terms of person’s potentials, surroundings, object’s appearance, its effect, physical characteristics, touching memories, and convey your feelings like hatred or affection in a logical manner.
  2. Drafting: Prepare an outline and focus on making your reader’s experience rich. Involve all your senses, like touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste and describe the scenario.
  3. Revision: Re-evaluate, make modifications and reorganize it appropriately in terms of choice of words, figures, language, emotions while coming to a conclusion at the end.
  4. Editing: Understand your readers’ right from the beginning till end and enhance clarity and writing style loading the article with adjectives and adverbs. Make your friend read the essay from fresh perspective and tell him to identify the pitfalls.
  5. Get it published: Follow these tips and make your experience a fun filled.

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