Coming Up With Great Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students can be a handful for most teachers. They are always all over the place being mischievous as always. But despite the trouble, it’s every teacher’s hope that they all pass and succeed in life. Even with the students to handle, teachers also have to face a difficult time trying to come up with lesson plans to best help their students. One of the most difficult areas is coming up with essay topics that best suit their student’s environment.

Before coming up with an essay topic, a teacher should consider the following when deriving an essay prompt:

  • Evaluate the purpose of the assignment
  • As a teacher, you need to know why exactly you are giving out the topic. You need to come with a concept in which you want to evaluate your student. You must have a goal of giving the assignment. In case you want to know your students’ take on politics, then you need to give them a politics related topic.

  • Consider your students’ level
  • Before giving out a topic, you need to carefully asses the level of your students. You shouldn't give a topic that is above your students’ level. This might lead to over stretching of the student which might lead them to totally switching off from essay writing.

  • Outline your expectations
  • When you are giving an essay topic, you need to also include the specific instructions that you want your students to follow when writing the work. Ensure you are very simple in your language so that you do not confuse the weak students that you have.

  • Some examples of essay topics include:
    1. Should students write notes or just directly get them from teachers?
    2. Should teachers be subjected to dress code rules?
    3. Is there need for holiday assignments?
    4. Is there need for sex education in high school?
    5. Should student committees be able to expel students?
    6. Should the students be allowed to use phones in class?
    7. Is detention a beneficial punishment?
    8. Should students choose school heads?
    9. At what age should people be allowed to drink beer?
    10. What games should be added into the school games’ program?
    11. What meals should be added into the school menu?
    12. Why do you think most students fail in science subjects?
    13. Why do students prefer art classes?
    14. What do you hate most about gym class?

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